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Smart Cities vision looks to the future

Don Fennell   Nov-21-2018

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Richmond has been quick to embrace the future which is reflected in it Smart Cities vision.

Along with other finalists in the Government of Canada's nationwide competition, city officials met with the challenge jury for the first time last week at the Future Cities Summit. Richmond presented a progress update on its proposal to create an intelligent operations hub intended to seamlessly integrate data and coordinate emergency response, while also enhancing day-to-day delivery of key services.



"(The Smart Cities Challenge) is a great opportunity to make our community more resilient and improve quality of life for all residents," said Mayor Malcolm Brodie.

Brodie said the city intends to build upon its award-winning digital strategy and use the power of technology to make Richmond a truly smart city.

The proposed intelligent operations hub would link existing and new data streams and asset management platforms. This would help respond to incidents as small as a traffic congestion due to a rain event to as big as a major earthquake. The initiative is intended to enhance the daily lives of citizens and improve community resilience to major events while protecting critical local and national infrastructure. It would also achieve four key outcomes:

• Protect a vulnerable island city

• Integrate community platforms

• Bridge language barriers

• Create scalable mobility systems and improve emergency response rates and recovery times

The Smart Cities Challenge was launched in November 2017 under the federal government's Impact Canada initiative. An independent panel of 13 jurors assessed the proposals from 200 communities and 20 finalists were announced last June. Each finalist will receive a grant of $250,000 to further develop their ideas into final proposals which are due in March 2019. Four winners will be announced next spring. Richmond is a finalist for a $10 million prize in the competition.

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