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RAPS Animal Hospital partners with Kidtropolis

Pat Johnson   Nov-30-2018

Photo courtesy RAPS

Earlier this year, the Regional Animal Protection Society opened the RAPS Animal Hospital — a full-service, state-of-the-art veterinary facility located in the Richmond Auto Mall.

A few days ago, another RAPS Animal Hospital opened – a replica at the World of Kidtropolis that allows kids to imagine themselves as veterinarians.



Kidtropolis, located on No. 2 Road near the Richmond Oval, is an interactive city model designed to provide a safe, unique and realistic educational environment that lets kids to do what they do best: pretend play.

Kidtropolis is a cityscape of pretend urban fixtures, including a grocery store, a bank, a school, a dental office, a pizzeria and more … And now, there is a RAPS Animal Hospital, too.

“We jumped at the opportunity to bring our hospital to the kids and families who come to Kidtropolis,” says Eyal Lichtmann, CEO of the Regional Animal Protection Society. “An important part of our mandate is to educate young people about the joys and responsibilities of animal companions … and also about personal safety around animals. By being part of Kidtropolis, we hope that more young people see animals and veterinary care as an integral part of our cityscape.”

Ginny Lam, President CEO of Kidtropolis, welcomed RAPS Animal Hospital to the community.

“We were excited to invite the RAPS Animal Hospital to join us,” she says. “Animals, whether they are big or small, play a large role in our community. We really want the kids who come here to understand not only that animals are part of our community, but also that responsible pet-ownership includes regular visits to the veterinarian. And because the RAPS Animal Hospital is a not-for-profit facility, with revenue being reinvested to save and improve the lives of more animals in our community, we are so happy to support it.”

At the Grand Opening on Nov. 17, kids donned veterinary coats and stethoscopes while exploring the freshly opened mini-hospital.

Kidtropolis will host special RAPS Community Days where visitors can meet and talk to veterinary professionals. The next one is on Saturday, February 16. And when visitors show their RAPS Animal Hospital VIP card, they get 10% off admission to Kidtropolis. (Get your VIP card at and receive 25 per cent off most in-hospital services, plus other benefits. Full details online.)

“We had such a great time at the opening event,” says Dr. Assaf Goldberg, RAPS Animal Hospital veterinarian. “The kids and their parents were so interested to learn about the hospital and asked lots of questions about veterinary healthcare. We are really excited to be able to connect with young people and families with a message that animals make our lives, families, neighbourhoods and community safer, healthier and happier.”

Pat Johnson is communications director of the Regional Animal Protection Society, RAPSbc.

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