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A welcoming concert

By Lorraine Graves

Published 2:25 PDT, Thu November 1, 2018

Music transcends cultures. For anyone who loves piano music, both classical and contemporary, here is a concert for you. While the teacher grew up in China, she is reaching out to the whole Richmond community to offer a chance to hear quality live piano music for free this coming Friday, Nov. 3.

If the last civic election showed us anything, we all need to make an effort to get to know each other. Music can build bridges, if we accept the hand that is offered.

The piano concert at the Loewen Concert Centre in Richmond. It’s more than just a student recital because Wei Tu, a treasure in China, who now calls our community home, teaches pupils ranging all the way to concert pianists.

A skilled concert pianist herself, Tu first fell in love with Canada when she did her masters in music under Philip Cohen at McGill University in Montreal.

“Mostly I played classical music and my favourite period is the romantic style such as Chopin. I also like Schumann very much. I played concerts before I was 35 and after that, most of the time, I just do the teaching.”

Now, arranging her life so she and her two daughters can live in Canada full time, Tu has immersed herself in her teaching career and family life. Living close to Jessie Wowk Elementary, where her daughter goes to school, Tu is also busy with her baby daughter who gurgled happily in the background during our interview.

Friday’s concert will feature both classical and modern music from the western and the eastern repertoire.

One of the musicians is Tu’s 12-year-old daughter. The second half of the extensive program features adult musicians, some of the highly skilled pianists who study under Tu.

While most of the evening features her student, the finale will be Tu’s chance to shine in a duet of Chinese piano music.

It’s more than just a student recital. It is a proper concert, Tu says, “Before I have had recitals in my studio. Now, this one is in a concert hall, the Loewen Piano House.”

Friday, Nov. 3 from 6:30 until 10 p.m. at the Loewen Piano House Music and Art Academy, 1-4 12351 Bridgeport Rd, Richmond. Admission is free.

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