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Steveston singer sharing love for music

By Don Fennell

Published 12:39 PDT, Mon September 28, 2020

Last Updated: 2:17 PDT, Wed October 14, 2020

I’ve Got the Music In Me was a hit for British singer Kiki Dee back in the 1970s, but its theme resonates with artists from any generation.

Audrey De Boer, an emerging singer-songwriter from Steveston, has only been on the “professional” music scene for just over 18 months. But it was apparent from a very young age that she was blessed with the gift of music.

“There is not one day that goes by where I am not singing, subconsciously or consciously,” she says. “My parents have always said I was singing since before I could even talk. I’ve always had a passion for music, jotting down lyrics on my notepads, school work or wherever the creative flow would start. When I was younger, I would sing constantly throughout the house and then (one day) my family asked if I wanted to take lessons. I obviously said ‘yes,’ and so here we are today.”

At 13, and again at 14, De Boer received some opportunities to perform at live shows. The positive reactions of the audiences was further inspiring, and at 15 she made a transition to “taking it seriously.” She has no regrets, explaining she has “learned so much, met and worked with amazing people, and gotten to travel to fun events and places.” 

It was around Christmas 2018 that De Boer released her debut track Tell Me You Love Me, a song she wrote when she was 15. She’s released four more songs since, including her current single, Sleep, in July. The song is a deeply personal connection to struggling with sleep paralysis. She hopes the lyrics resonate with listeners, and that the meaning may also hit home with people with different fears and struggles. The fact it is being well-received across the globe is “very exciting for me as a young artist,” says the 18 year old.

Last Christmas was also an exciting time for De Boer, following the release of Couple More Hours, which helped her reach a different level of listeners than with her previous songs including love x war and Nice Guy. It was after releasing the latter two tracks that she performed her first set as the headline artist—at the Steveston Salmon Festival Canada Day celebration.

“I remember how incredible it felt to have me be the artist, with her own stage and my own backup singers, performing my original songs,” she says. “I had performed on many stages, with a song or two or as backup to the main artist, but this was so much different.”

De Boer was looking forward to more performances this year, but of course all the lives shows were put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, she’s used the time to produce more music at home and connected with fans through her social media channels. 

De Boer has also maintained regular vocal lessons, explaining that it helps her take care of her voice and understand her vocal range, for which she is known—along with a unique style that is infused with a hint of soul and modern vibes.

So what’s key to a wide range?

“Oregano oil is my best friend,” she says. “Looking back through each of my songs, I can hear my own vocal development through my first release to my latest. I also feel as though I am coming into my own stylistically. With each song I write and produce I am more open to the creative flow and allowing the song to become its own, letting my voice guide the emotion behind the song. “

De Boer says music in all capacities, and certainly in both singing and songwriting, “are the most beautiful ways of releasing and finding myself at the same time.”

“It’s hard to explain the process of songwriting for me. It allows me to feel really connected to myself, and depending on what I am writing about, it is sometimes exactly how I need to let things go or express just how much I need them,” she explains. “Everyone, no matter what, is going through so many things especially in the state of the world today. When they are listening to music, their connection to the sound or lyrics can be different depending on mood, or where they are listening. My goal is that in one aspect of my music, whether it is the vibe or the lyrics, I want my listeners to find a connection. The emotion and feelings that my audience can connect to and associate their own situations with is the most essential part of my music, whether that is through the music production itself, the lyrics that I write or both. I want my listeners to be drawn in by what they feel when they hear my songs. I am very connected to what I put into both the production and the writing, so staying true to this is always really important to me.”

On any given day you can catch De Boer listening to a wide mix of genres. There is so much to appreciate in music, she says, whether you are listening for a vibe, to connect with lyrics, to escape, or whatever. Many artists influence her love for music, some of whom she is privileged to have met, and says she continue to be encouraged and surrounded by a circle of very talented people. 

“There are some very special people in my life who are continuously inspiring me, but if I had to pick my first most influential, hands down I would say my first singing and piano coach. She is a musician herself and has been a part of my entire life. She gave me so much confidence and encouragement from a young age and is a constant voice to remind me of how far I have come.”

To learn more about De Boer’s music, visit or @audreydeboerofficial on social media.

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