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Rebates make new e-bike purchases more affordable

By Richmond Sentinel

Published 10:44 PDT, Thu May 25, 2023

In time for GoByBike Week, the province is offering rebates on the purchase of eligible new e-bikes for people who want to add some power to their pedal and start commuting by bike.

“E-bikes are becoming commonplace in B.C. as a convenient alternative to motor-vehicle trips, but their price can put them out of reach for people,” said Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, Rob Fleming. “By making rebates available and basing the rebate amount on income, we can make e-bikes and clean transportation more affordable and accessible for everyone.”

Beginning June 1, 2023, rebates on the purchase of an approved e-bike will be available to B.C. residents older than 19 and will be based on a person’s income. Rebates will range from $350 to a maximum of $1,400. Unlike previous programs, there is no need to scrap a car to access the rebate. The province is investing more than $6 million in rebates, which will allow as many as 9,000 people to lower the cost of their e-bike purchase. The rebate program will be administered by the Scrap-It Society.

“E-bikes add a new dimension to everyday travel, even in rural communities,” said Michael Koski, executive director of the BC Cycling Coalition. “For those struggling with the cost of a car, this funding will provide wider access to a transportation option that is affordable, efficient and eco-friendly. E-bikes make cycling accessible to a wider range of people, improve personal health and help smaller communities by making more people mobile.”

To help make the transition to e-biking safe and comfortable, the province has partnered with HUB Cycling to provide the Streetwise Cycling Online program as well as in-person courses throughout the province. The program provides training to build fundamental bike-handling skills, such as hand signals, balancing and manoeuvring.

British Columbia's e-bike rebate program supports the province’s CleanBC goals by encouraging a shift toward active transportation and public transit. The rebate program makes it even more affordable to buy an e-bike after the removal of PST on e-bikes, which was announced in 2021. Businesses can continue to access the e-cargo bike rebate through the Specialty Use Vehicle Incentive.

To find out which e-bike rebate you may qualify for and how to apply, visit:

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