Bespoke homes available in Richmond

By Angel St. George

Published 2:26 PDT, Fri May 27, 2022

Last Updated: 3:09 PDT, Mon June 20, 2022

The demand for homes in Richmond is rapidly growing, with a population increase of nearly six per cent in the last seven years.

Bespoke Builders is a local company owned by Raymond Huang, a construction and interior design expert, and brothers Jordan and Jason Su who have expertise in civil engineering and urban planning.

“A lot of new people (are) coming to Richmond. This year alone there (are) an estimated 100,000 people coming to Canada from Ukraine and those people need a home,” says Jordan, the company’s manager of development and marketing. “It’s a great thing that Richmond is able to help out.”

Bespoke Builders is at the forefront of creating customized homes for people who want a unique design.

“A lot of (first-time buyers) in Richmond love cookie-cutter homes because they’re quick and easy money-makers—but our ambition is to create more communities that have homes people want to live in for a longer period of time,” says Jordan.

The team works closely with homeowners to incorporate unique design features, from energy-efficient layouts to innovative high-tech dream homes.

“We cater to the individual needs of each client. Whatever the client wants, we work with it. We have our own architects, but depending on the budget we can be flexible,” says manager of operations Jason. “One of the pillars of our company is the flexibility and customization of a building; everything is bespoke (and) customized to the taste of our clients.”

The company has built a variety of homes ranging from modest to high-end luxury designs.

“Another pillar of our company is the ability to collaborate with owners and get them to dive deep into what they want out of their home,” says Jason. “We work with them throughout the whole process to keep them informed and make sure they are getting what they want—that’s a large part of the unique service we offer.”

Huang’s background is in interior design, but he comes from what he describes as “a construction family.”

“When I was a kid I always worked with my father, and learning about construction with him inspired me toward a career in interior design,” adds manager of construction Huang.

According to the Bespoke Builders team, Canada is an industry leader in green energy architecture and many engineers from Canada are contracted to do work overseas.

“The step code ensures that buildings in Richmond meet net zero carbon emissions for energy use. We explain how that works to our clients and help them choose materials and design features that respect our world-class environmental standards,” says Huang. 

The company has solar power technology readily available to clients because the future of real estate in Richmond will increasingly rely on renewable energy sources. 

Flood-proofing is another important consideration when building homes in Richmond. 

“In general, we reinforce the foundation of a home to ensure it can withstand exterior damage due to flooding, but in high-risk areas we have our engineers design pump systems,” says Huang. “We have new technology that is compatible with smart home systems, so if the water level is too high it will trigger an alarm to warn the homeowners of any serious flood risks.”

The company wants to grow to serve more home builders in Richmond, but not at the expense of the bespoke service it offers.

“We want to have a part in every detail. We’re not just partners, we’re hands on. Being a part of the process is a core value of the company because we are providing a service to private homeowners, so we need to be able to deliver a higher level of quality,” says Jason. 

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