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Richmond United Football Club 23-24 season preview

By Matthew Cheung

Published 12:36 PDT, Fri September 15, 2023

The Richmond United Football Club (RUFC) season is coming, registration is open to all individuals between the ages three to 18, regardless of background, skill, or gender.

RUFC is focused on empowering athletes and their families, unlocking their fullest potential. Through this club, it is hoped that children can grow as athletes and individuals, developing skills that will help them on and off the pitch, while developing lasting friendships.  

“Our aim is to nurture young individuals, fostering their social-emotional growth, promoting diversity, leadership, physical fitness, a healthy lifestyle, empathy, and discipline—all while making the journey fun and rewarding. We prioritize the creation of lasting friendships, encourage limitless aspirations, and offer clear pathways for players of every level, from recreational enthusiasts to those aspiring to compete at the highest levels such as BCSPL and beyond,” said Marius Roevde, executive director of Richmond United Football Club.

The club recently experienced a merger between the Richmond Football Club and the Richmond United Soccer Club. As a result, the organization has begun focusing on managing the transition between the two clubs. The club hopes that the merger of the two clubs can be facilitated through the completion of five objectives; integration and collaboration among clubs, coach development and education, guidance from club technical director, long-term player development, and future culture. 

“In summary, the expectations for the season at RUFC revolve around fostering unity, empowering coaches, and nurturing young talent to ensure a successful transition and build a strong foundation for the club’s future,” said Roevde. 

The Richmond Thanksgiving tournament will be taking place on Thanksgiving weekend, and has slowly become a city favourite for soccer fans and soccer clubs. Over 200 teams will be travelling to Richmond to compete in said tournament, which brings family and friends together and a boost to the city’s economy. Many hotel rooms will be booked, restaurants packed, and local businesses from shops to services will experience an increase in foot traffic. The tournament will also help teams grow together, as they learn to adapt to their teammates’ play style and create bonds on and off the field. 

“The Richmond Thanksgiving tournament exemplifies the magic of sports, transcending boundaries and bringing people together. It’s not just about competition; it’s about community, camaraderie, and the enduring spirit of football. As the tournament continues to grow and thrive, it remains a source of pride for the City of Richmond and event that enriches the lives of all its participants, leaving a legacy of economic prosperity and unforgettable memories for families and players alike,” said Roevde. 

RUFC has seen many individuals attain their dream of professionally playing the sport that they love, from individuals who have represented Canada, to those who have gone to play for the Vancouver Whitecaps football club. The club expects many more success stories to emerge. 

“Looking ahead, we anticipate a significant increase in such success stories over the next decade. Our focus on strengthening and exploring alternative pathways, tailored to each individual, will provide the youngest talents with greater opportunities. With a dedicated technical leadership group boasting a proven track record of facilitating players’ journeys to professional clubs in North America, Europe, and securing scholarships to universities, the future looks promising for our aspiring athletes,” said Roevde. 

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