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Award-winning actress is back with a new series

By Jim Gordon and Leeta Liepins

Published 11:56 PDT, Fri May 24, 2024

Jennifer Robertson (JR) born and raised in Vancouver BC, is a SAG Award-winning actress, writer, creator and is best known for her role as Jocelyn on the Emmy Award-winning series Schitt’s Creek. She also stars in the Netflix hit series, Ginny and Georgia, which can be seen in 64 countries around the world. She recently sat down with Our City Tonight (OCT) to talk about her career and another role: co-hosting The Great Canadian Pottery Throw Down, filmed on Granville Island.

OCT: You recently hosted a show on CBC and CBC Gem called The Great Canadian Pottery Throw Down. We hear that you actually don’t make the pottery but you’re a big pottery fan. Tell us how this even evolved.

JR: I haven’t really tried making pottery before. I made one pot with one of the judges when we shot the show, but I’ve always loved pottery. It’s kind of this thing when I would get a big job I would go and buy a piece of pottery the way people buy other things to commemorate something. So, the publicist from Schitt’s Creek called me and she said Jenn they’re doing a show about pottery. So, I basically chatted with them for months and then auditioned. I think I forced them to hire me to be honest.

OCT: We are certainly glad you did or they did. Is this your first reality show?

JR: No this is my second reality show. I did one about 10 years ago called Canada’s Handyman Challenge. Apparently, Canada always has to be in the title if I’m doing a reality show, that was a fun one too. It was about handy people from all across the country and to get in you had to make something from a single sheet of plywood. People made foosball tables, bicycles we did a couple seasons with that show. To be honest, I was not as passionate about home fix it as I am about pottery. But it all is just very interesting.

OCT: We have to ask; do you have a hobby that you could in fact turn into a reality show?

JR: It’s all funnelled into showbiz. It’s all acting and writing and that’s what I really like for now, acting and writing. I’m really not that crafty, although I would like to try pottery this summer.

OCT: You don’t sound very convincing?

JR: Well, it’s so much harder than it looks. Everyone thinks you just throw the raw material on the wheel and magically make a vase. I actually did try and it was a lot harder than it seems. It takes a long time to build the skill. The potters on the show are amazing. They make very cool things and in a very short amount of time.

OCT: People like to binge watch programs, especially with Ginny and Georgia. We know there will be a third season coming, which we’re excited about.

JR: Yes, it’s coming, it will be a while though. We have to shoot it and then they have to edit it into 100 languages but, it is coming.

OCT: The Great Pottery Throw Down was filmed on Granville Island and we understand that you have a special connection to Granville Island, tell us a little bit about that.

JR: I used to take acting classes on Granville Island when I was a kid and so did Seth Rogen, who is one of the executive producers of the show and he’s also a guest judge. So, the first week we were just all kind of hanging out, Granville Island in the summer just doesn’t get any better. 

People visit and say it’s a fantastic part of Vancouver and they swear they could live here. Then we have to remind them that it does rain 260 days out of the year so the same people quickly change their mind. But it is beautiful on Granville Island in the summer and all the bunnies are hopping around at the end of the island and you can go to the market for lunch. It was so cool and really special.

OCT: Of course I have to ask how was your connection with Seth Rogen?

JR: He’s great and he’s a lovely guy. He’s actually very chill. And he’s obsessed with pottery. He is actually a potter himself and that’s how he had an interest in the show. It is in fact, a franchise of a show. There’s been a Great Pottery Throw Down series in the UK for eight years. Seth was a fan of that show because he’s a potter so he wanted to get it produced and he also thought it would be very special to do it here in Canada. He’s actually a very good potter, but the judges were not convinced at first, but then they realize he’s actually pretty good.

OCT: Wow that’s awesome. Is there anything else you can share with us as we wrap up – are there any other projects?

JR: Well, I’m heading to do Ginny and Georgia soon. I have a fun guest star appearance coming up on So Help Me Todd, a CBS show shot right here in Vancouver. I am just keeping busy.

OCT: We do like seeing your face on TV for sure. So, keep being busy. We look forward to having you back on the show. 

For video interview go to Jennifer Robertson on Our City Tonight.

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