Dunfee Walks for KidSport

By Don Fennell

Published 3:15 PST, Tue January 26, 2021

Last Updated: 2:13 PDT, Wed May 12, 2021

Evan Dunfee never misses an opportunity to give back.

His latest effort, Camp KM, further reflects the Richmond Olympic race walker’s level of commitment.

Articulate and thoughtful, Dunfee shares at the steps he’s currently taking en route to a return to the Olympic Games—hopefully later this summer in Tokyo.

At the same time, Dunfee expresses how “sport is an arena to develop and showcase your strength and your values, to be an ambassador, and to have your voice heard.” Building upon on that premise, Dunfee has teamed with KidSport BC and Run Canada’s Series Camp KM to work towards his training goals and raise money to get more youth into sport. Throughout January, Dunfee is hoping to raise $6,000 during a 600-plus kilometre training month; an effort that, he explains, “will help support more kids learn the same amazing lessons in sport that I’ve been lucky enough to learn.”

“The fundraising has been going extraordinarily well, and we are over $6,600 raised already which will go directly to getting more than 15 kids into sport who otherwise wouldn’t have had the chance, which is fantastic,” he says.

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