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Cambie Road overpass highlights TransLink projects

By Don Fennell

Published 4:21 PST, Thu November 14, 2019

Translink has allocated nearly $6.3 million for projects in Richmond.

The funds will be used on maintenance, installation and upgrades to local walkways, cycle paths and roads.

A breakdown of the projects is as follows:

• Cambie Road Overpass (at Highway 99)

A rehabilitation will include the deck, concrete shear keys and expansion joints. Translink funding is $638,469.

• Cambie Road Overpass (Knight Street)

A rehabilitation will include the approaches to remediate differential settlement on the Cambie Road. 

Translink funding totals $677,500.

• Garden City Bike and Pedestrian Pathways

Construction of a paved multi-use pathway delineated for two-way pedestrians and one-way (southbound) cyclists on the west side of Garden City Road between Lansdowne Road and Westminster Highway. Translink funding is $500,000.

• Charles Street Multi-use Pathway

Provision of a paved off-street multi-used pathway on the north side of Charles Street between Sexsmith Road and the pedestrian-cyclist entrance to the Bridgeport Canada Line Station and Exchange. Translink funding is $193,340.

• Alderbridge Way Multi-use Pathway

Construction of a paved off-street multi-use pathway with pedestrian lighting on the north side of Alderbridge Way between Shell and No. 4 roads. Translink funding totals $600,000.

• Maintaining the Major Road Network

The ongoing project covers the major road network throughout Richmond. The funding totals $3,666,000.

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