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Province providing emergency preparedness funding

By Richmond Sentinel

Published 11:33 PDT, Fri June 26, 2020

Richmond is among more than 100 local governments and First Nations communities receiving provincial emergency preparedness funding.

The fund is designed to help communities prepare for and respond to disasters. Funding totals $4.2 million, of which Richmond is receiving $23,432 for “mobile and modern registration and referral workstations.”

“I know how critical it is to be prepared for any possible emergency scenario,” said Jennifer Rice, parliamentary secretary for emergency preparedness. “When it comes to emergencies in BC, it’s not a matter of if one will happen, but when. This funding is another step we’re taking as a government to help communities be ready for when disaster strikes.”

Emergency Management BC has launched a digital evacuee registration and assistance tool for people impacted by floods and fires. The program allows evacuees to self-register online rather than in person at a reception centre, ensuring timely supports and enabling evacuees to maintain a safe physical distance during COVID-19.

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