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London Drugs accepting tech donations

By Richmond Sentinel

Published 3:47 PDT, Mon August 10, 2020

London Drugs is working to support families in needs with refurbished donated tech products.

Used laptops, desktop computers, tablets and smartphones can be brought to participating locations, provided they are usable and in good working condition. Then, London Drugs will clean, restore and distribute items to local families. Donated items that don’t meet criteria will be responsibly recycled.

All donated devices must:

  1. Be in usable condition (able to power on and navigate to the home screen)
  2. • Include all necessary accessories such as power cords or chargers
  3. • Be undamaged with no cracks, signs of water damage, or missing parts
  4. • Have working screens with no bruising or dead pixels
  5. Have activation locks and tracking services such as “Find My Phone” deactivated

London Drugs is accepting Windows computers running Windows 7 or later, de-registered Apple computers, smartphones, Chromebooks and Android devices. Items can be dropped off at the technology department counter.

The tech drive runs until Sept. 23. All devices will have their hard drives completely wiped upon donation.

For more information, click here.

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