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Police promote vigilance after increase in break-ins

By Hannah Scott, Local Journalism Initiative reporter

Published 3:04 PDT, Tue September 29, 2020

A recent increase in residential garage break and enters has led Richmond RCMP to issue a public warning.

Don’t give thieves a key to your house, police said, and take a minute to remove personal belongings from your car. While many people remove large items like purses or electronic devices, many people don’t consider removing their garage door opener, which can be taken and used by thieves. This is especially important for those who opt to park on the street or in their driveways.

“We are out there actively investigating and working to arrest those committing these crimes,” said Sgt. Simon Lee, NCO in charge of targeted enforcement units. “But we need the public’s help, not only as additional eyes and ears but by removing items, such as credit cards or garage door openers, that make your vehicle a tempting target.”

Richmond RCMP advises people to prevent their vehicle from being broken into by taking precautions:

• Lock car doors, as many thieves are opportunistic and will look for easy targets like unlocked car or garage doors.

• Don’t leave any property in your vehicle, including small items like coins or a cigarette lighter. If you must leave items in your vehicle, put them in the trunk rather than the glove box. Typical items stolen from vehicles include purses, wallets, credit cards, GPS units, passports, house keys, cash, clothing and sunglasses.

• Don’t leave any personal information in an unattended vehicle, or you could become a victim of identity theft. This includes your driver’s license, financial documents, credit and debit information or any mail that could identify who you are. Once armed with a few cards, thieves are able to apply for and receive loans in your name, additional credit cards, and cash advances. If you don’t notice the theft for a number of days, the damage done could be extensive.

• Do not leave your garage door opener in your vehicle, as this could result in directing thieves to your home.

Richmond RCMP also urge the public to report any suspicious persons or activities near a vehicle to police, who can investigate what took place. 

Anyone who may have witnessed or have information regarding these thefts are asked to call Richmond RCMP at 604-278-1212. Should you wish to remain anonymous, please contact Crimestoppers by phone at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

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