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BC Conservatives lay out their recovery plan

By Richmond Sentinel

Published 3:15 PDT, Tue September 29, 2020

Suggesting now is the time to take a more aggressive approach to the province’s future, the BC Conservatives have laid out their “Made in BC” recovery plan.

”Now, as concerns are being raised about a possible second wave of the pandemic, it is more important than ever that we have a real recovery plan in place that focuses on ensuring the well-being of our friends, families, and neighbours,” said BC Conservatives leader Trevor Bolin said. “Today we are proud to release a full recovery plan, a strategy formed with British Columbians for British Columbians.”

The plan calls for the following: 

• Suspend the carbon tax in BC immediately. Work with energy producers and suppliers to ensure prices for the consumers are dropped where it counts the most. The immediate implementation of this punitive tax will mean savings on the many needs of families– especially fuel food and groceries, along with home utilities in the most expensive seasons ahead.

• Provide provincial tax credits for BC residents visiting BC recreational destinations this fall and winter. This will help sustain and build our tourism industry right here at home, and allow tourism operators to keep their staff employed.

• Raise the threshold of provincial income which is taxed. This will allow the workers of BC to keep more of their hard-earned dollars and spend them locally in the restaurants and stores of their community.

• Work with industry partners to ensure new jobs created in BC are held by British Columbians. This will help strengthen and build the economic well-being of local governments throughout BC.

• Work with the forestry industry to open new markets for finished products utilizing BC ports, providing jobs throughout the Province.

• Work hand-in-hand with local community governments to ensure BC’s vulnerable are cared for and kept safe.

• Allow businesses that are following social distancing guidelines to reopen; these would include restaurants, pubs, and casinos.  These businesses employ hundreds of thousands of people, and support the communities they operate in. If they are prepared to follow all safety guidelines and protocols, they should be allowed to safely reopen immediately.

• Ensure that when it comes to the health of communities, local governments have the opportunity to be involved and engaged in discussions that affect their communities–not just health authorities.

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