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Richmond RCMP crack down on distracted driving

By Richmond Sentinel

Published 4:15 PDT, Tue October 6, 2020

Richmond RCMP is in the midst of a month-long autumn distracted driving campaign, enforcing distracted driving laws and encouraging good driving habits.

ICBC statistics show distracted and inattentive driving is a problem. It is responsible for nearly one in four motor vehicle crash fatalities in BC. On average, 76 people die each year in BC in crashes caused by distracted driving. 

Even short glances away from the road will increase your risk of crashing. Glancing at your cell phone is no exception. The message is clear: Drivers—leave the phone alone.

The RCMP is providing some tips:

• Resist using in-car technologies to text, read emails or use social media

• Get directions before you start driving or pull over to update your GPS directions

• Use audio instructions rather than looking at screens

• Make sure you have everything you need before hitting the road—reaching for objects on the floor, in the glove box, or the back seat takes your eyes off the road and could lead to a crash

• Avoid looking at screens while driving, even if you’re using your phone hands-free

• If you find it difficult to take a break from your phone while driving, turn it to silent, then keep it out of reach and out of sight.

Even when stopped at a light or in heavy traffic, you’re still driving. You need to be aware of what’s going on around you. You can’t see pedestrians or cyclists when you’re looking at your phone or in-dash screens.

For more on distracted driving and road safety, click here.

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