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Seven-year-old launches podcast

By Don Fennell

Published 4:18 PDT, Fri July 23, 2021

At the tender age of seven, Estella Celeste Banez is already an old soul.

Two years ago, on the heels of a successful launch and fashion show to help support the Richmond Christmas Fund, the precocious young Richmondite launched her own line of jewelry—Oh My Bling, Designs by Estella. Now, she’s started her own podcast Estella Says!

“I am super duper duper excited,” she says. “Last week, I asked kids to join me for this (third episode) and be my special guests to talk about how kids feel about the pandemic. I’m so grateful to my special guests who shared their thoughts on my show.”

Her guests included her big brother Lazarus, Megumi (all the way from Japan), cousins Brielle, D’Angelo, Lisee, Audrey and Addison, buddy Kendrick and best friend Sophie.

With the help of her mom Kaye, Estella wants kids to feel empowered to talk about their feelings surrounding COVID-19. And perhaps grown-ups can listen too about what kids are saying about life during these challenging times.

“I was honestly not surprised when she told me she wanted to do a podcast,” says Kaye. “She is such a curious child that she would listen in on the podcast I was producing (for work). Keeping herself busy is really how she has coped with having to stay home during this pandemic, while happy to assist at Lazarus’s Zoom therapy sessions. She has really been our inspiration to stay positive.”

Estella’s podcasts will soon be available on Spotify, but have already been posted on YouTube and on her Facebook page @estellacelestecreations.

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