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Liberals lead in Richmond races

By Don Fennell and Hannah Scott, Local Journalism Initiative reporter

Published 11:42 PDT, Mon September 20, 2021

Last Updated: 11:52 PDT, Mon September 20, 2021

Canadians have re-elected a Liberal minority government, which may include a pair of first-time MPs from Richmond.

Embracing the governing party’s platform Forward For Everyone, Liberal candidates appear to have won both local ridings over incumbent Conservatives. 

With 187 of 188 polls reporting in Steveston–Richmond East, Liberal candidate Parm Bains led with 15,420 total votes (42.8 per cent), leading incumbent Conservative MP Kenny Chiu who had 12,060 votes (33.4 per cent). NDP candidate Jack Trovato garnered 6,857 votes (19.0 per cent), People's Party candidate Jennifer Singh 925 votes and Françoise Raunet of the Greens 805 votes.

With 184 of 185 polls reporting in Richmond Centre, Liberal candidate Wilson Miao had a narrower lead with 11,661 total votes (39.4 per cent), while incumbent Conservative MP Alice Wong had 10,970 votes (37.1 per cent). NDP candidate Sandra Nixon picked up 5,292 votes or 17.9 per cent, Green candidate Laura Gillanders had 971 votes and James Hinton of the People's Party 676.

In both ridings, there are thousands of mail-in ballots to be counted. As of 10:45 p.m. on election day, 3,126 special ballot voting kits had been returned in Steveston–Richmond East and 4,808 in Richmond Centre. Electors in the two ridings requested 4,073 and 5,834 voting kits respectively.

Local voter turnout was below the national average, with 48.41 per cent of registered electors in Steveston–Richmond East and 39.62 per cent in Richmond Centre casting a ballot. National voter turnout was at 56.67 per cent after 97.4 per cent of polls had reported, with 15,508,960 votes cast of 27,366,297 registered electors. These figures do not include electors who registered on election day. 

Short of the 170 seats required to form a majority government, the Liberals led nationally on Monday with 158 seats and 46.8 per cent of the votes. The Conservatives led in 119 ridings and held the majority of the popular vote at 34.1 per cent. The NDP was leading in 25 ridings and held 17.7 per cent of the popular vote. Nationwide, there are 338 ridings.

In B.C., the Liberals were leading in 15 electoral districts, and the and NDP and Conservatives each led in 13. The Greens led in one riding.

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