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Milk containers to be returnable for a refund

By Richmond Sentinel

Published 10:30 PST, Mon January 24, 2022

Starting Feb. 1, British Columbians can return milk and milk-substitute beverage containers for a refund to reduce waste.

Shifting milk containers to the deposit-refund system will capture the millions of additional plastic and fibre-based containers that were otherwise being thrown out, such as those from restaurants, schools and offices that did not have access to the residential recycling system.

At the time of purchase, a refundable deposit of 10 cents will be paid for each eligible container. Consumers will get their deposit back when they return their containers.

Clean and rinsed milk and milk-substitute (e.g., oat, almond, soy) beverage containers purchased on or after Feb. 1 will be accepted by the deposit-refund program. These containers should no longer be placed in the residential blue box.

Residents are encouraged to continue recycling containers that are not being added to the deposit-refund system, such as infant formula, meal replacement/dietary supplements, coffee cream, whipping cream, buttermilk or drinkable yogurt, through curb-side, multi-family or depot services.

Returning beverage containers for recycling supports the CleanBC Plastics Action Plan to prevent plastic waste, keep more waste out of landfills, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create a cleaner, better future.

For a full list of accepted containers and the province-wide network of depots accepting them, click here.

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