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Foundation awards $34,600 in scholarships

By Richmond Sentinel

Published 12:20 PDT, Wed June 29, 2022

The Richmond Community Foundation has announced the winners of its 2022 high school scholarships, naming 38 students who are receiving a total of $34,600 in financial support.

The recipients are from high schools throughout Richmond, and have a wide range of educational and professional goals.

“I aspire to pursue a career in (user experience) design, harnessing my passion for digital arts and creativity to explore the thriving technological industry,” says Caleb Wu, a Steveston-London secondary student who received two scholarships.

Kian Cole Bellinger, a scholarship recipient from McNair secondary, plans to study medicine, having already gained experience as a first responder at his school and as a volunteer with St. John Ambulance. 

“I hope one day I will be able to help students and other people in need to achieve their goals, just as (the foundation has) helped me,” says Bellinger.

The foundation provides financial support from its Forever Funds, which are started by individuals, families, businesses, and community groups. Each year, a percentage of the funds’ investment income is distributed as scholarships, based on criteria set by the fundholders.

“Because we manage such a diverse range of funds, we’re able to help students in multiple fields, including academics, athletics, trades, and the performing arts,” says foundation chair Dave Frank. “Our fundholders are committed to removing financial barriers, so students can pursue an education—and a career—that aligns with their skills and interests.”

Christina Gan, of Palmer secondary, developed a love for health sciences through her participation in school sports, where she’d often help treat injured teammates. Aided by her scholarship, she hopes to become a pediatric nurse. 

“It’s incredible that the Richmond community that I’ve grown up in has chosen to reinvest in me,” says Gan.

Click here to view a complete list of the foundation's scholarship funds.

You can make a tax-deductible donation to any of the funds through our online donation page. Or contact the foundation to start your own scholarship fund by calling 604-270-4483 or emailing 

2022 scholarship recipients:

Andrea Xi Scholarship

• Soma Inokuchi (Palmer)

Dacheng Education Scholarship

• Victoria Han Wang (McMath)

Derek Dang and Dr. Margaret Yeung Scholarship

• Gabriel Dela Rosa (Richmond High)

• Julia Guo (McMath)

• Calista Ngai (Palmer)

• Marcus Nguyen (Burnett)

• Najwa Yonen (MacNeil)

Etta Demerse Scholarship

• Christina Gan (Palmer)

• Karina Mak (MacNeil)

• Karl Montez (Richmond High)

• Claire Nicole Olan (Palmer)

• Burinice See (Richmond High)

• Ethan Simbillo (Boyd)

• Christina Sofikitis (Boyd)

• Bushra Wakaa (Richmond High)

• Esther Wang (Richmond Christian)

Kronier Family Scholarship

• Senna Al-Oalbe (Palmer)

• Kian Cole Bellinger (McNair)

• Alison Cains (Richmond High)

• Talia Gordon (Steveston-London)

• Soma Inokuchi (Palmer)

• Eunice Lai (Richmond Christian)

• Yuxin (Iris) Lou (Palmer)

• Karl Montez (Richmond High)

• Vandean Nguyen (Boyd)

• YuFe (Sophie) Ren (Richmond High)

• Jasleen Saini (Boyd)

• Ethan Simbillo (Boyd)

• Joshwa Song (McMath)

• Bushra Wakaa (Richmond High)

• Victoria Han Wang (McMath)

• Samantha Yeung (Richmond Christian)

Linda Li Scholarship

• Caleb Wu (Steveston-London)

Phil Brown Scholarship

• Tali Grenzburg (McMath)

• Karl Montez (Richmond High)

• Chanelle Wong (Burnett)

Richmond Athletic Commission Scholarship

•Makayla Kusch (McMath)

• Christina Sofikitis (Boyd)

Richmond Community Foundation Scholarship

• Isabella Schaffer (McMath)

Richmond Sunset Rotary Art Scholarship

• Eliana Barbosa (Burnett)

• Constance Ngai Yan Lau (McMath)

• Caitlyn Loy (McRoberts)

• Victoria Han Wang (McMath)

• Caleb Wu (Steveston-London Secondary)

Steveston Community Society Scholarship

• Kelly Jai En Leung (Steveston-London)

• Kazuko Canela Zazueta (McMath)

Vancouver Sunshine Lions Club Scholarship

• Jasleen Saini (Boyd)

Walter Wu Scholarship

• Makayla Kusch (McMath)

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