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TransLink investing in nine more Richmond projects

By Richmond Sentinel

Published 10:16 PDT, Thu August 4, 2022

Last Updated: 12:08 PDT, Wed August 10, 2022

As part of a $130 million investment, TransLink is helping further transportation in Richmond and other Metro Vancouver cities.

Locally, nine projects have been given the green light this year, totalling more than $4.5 million in funding.

“TransLink is committed to ensuring transportation throughout the region is as convenient and seamless as possible, regardless of how you primarily travel,” says TransLink’s chief executive officer Kevin Quinn. “Investing in cycling paths, walkways, and bus speed upgrades is just one of the ways we help to combat climate change by encouraging green transportation throughout Metro Vancouver.” 

This year’s Richmond projects:

• Cambie Road at No. 4 Road intersection upgrade: provide safety upgrades to Cambie Road and No. 4 Road, including left-turn lanes and traffic signs ($425,000)

• Garden City Road Bike Route Upgrade - addition of protection: provide buffer zone between existing bike lane and vehicle lanes on Garden City Road from Granville Avenue to Sea Island Way ($275,000)

• Garden City Road multi-use path: construct three-metre wide multi-use path on Garden City Road between Francis Road and Williams Road ($500,000)

• Great Canadian Way southbound bus only left-turn lane (Capital Project): construct new bus-only left-turn lane on Great Canadian Way and a centre median on Bridgeport Road east of Great Canadian Way ($750,000)

• No. 2 Road multi-use path: extend existing multi-use path to No. 2 Road between Steveston Highway and Williams Road ($727,500)

• River Road multi-use path: construct four-metre wide multi-use path on River Road between McCallan Road and No. 2 Road ($800,000)

• Sexsmith Road-Brown Road protected bike route: provide protected bike lane on Sexsmith Road from Beckwith Road to Brown Road and on Brown Road from Sexsmith Road to Browngate Road ($562,500)

• Westminster Highway at No. 2 Road: modify Westminster Highway and No. 2 Road intersection geometry and signal operations ($300,000)

• Westminster Hwy at No. 5 Road intersection upgrade: modify Wesminster Highway and No. 5 Road intersection geometry and signal operations ($381,500)

Across the region, TransLink is funding 107 new or improved greenways, cycling paths, walkways, multi-use paths, intersections, and roads. This year’s investment is delivered through the Municipal Funding Program, which supports maintaining, upgrading, and building new transportation infrastructure throughout Metro Vancouver. 

"Building well-connected, accessible, and safe active transportation and transit infrastructure is an important part of our CleanBC plan to lower emissions, improve communities, and reduce congestion,” says George Heyman, Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy. “These investments will give people in Metro Vancouver more choices to get around their communities using clean and healthy transportation options.” 

Through the Municipal Funding Program, TransLink contributes up to 75 per cent of funding for upgrades benefitting local government throughout Metro Vancouver. For projects improving the efficiency of bus operations or some priority cycling infrastructure, TransLink funds up to 100 per cent of the project costs. This program is part of the 2022 Investment Plan, with funding from TransLink and the provincial government. 

“Walkable, bikeable, and accessible communities that are well-connected by public transit help provide people and families with more choices for how they travel in their day-to-day lives,” says Bowinn Ma, Minister of State for Infrastructure. “These investments improve quality of life and deliver a more livable region for everyone.” 

Twenty projects in Richmond have been completed through the program since 2017:

• Collision-prone intersections on major road network - short-term improvements ($104,000)

• Bridgeport station access - re-routing of regional bus routes ($17,900)

• No. 2 Road multi-use path ($620,000)

• No. 2 Road walkway ($200,000)

• Sexsmith Road multi-use path ($248,000)

• Great Canadian multi-use path ($150,000)

• Westminster Highway multi-use path ($200,000)

• Odlin Road bike route ($140,000)

• Off-Gilbert bike route - Phase 1 ($75,000)

• River Parkway - protected bike lanes ($2,266,000)

• Westminster Highway multi-use path upgrade ($360,000)

• Crosstown neighbourhood bike route - Phase 3 ($80,000)

• Parkside neighbourhood bike route - northern extension ($50,000)

• Riverside Industrial Park - pedestrian connections to transit ($272,000)

• Cambie Road multi-use path ($288,750)

• No. 6 Road multi-use path ($250,000)

• Cambie Road overpass over Knight Street rehabilitation ($677,500)

• Bridgeport station access/egress study ($30,000)

• Steveston Highway/Highway 99 study ($30,000)

• Garden City Road-Westminster Highway study ($15,000)

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