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Richmond responds to snowfall

By Richmond Sentinel

Published 10:25 PST, Wed November 30, 2022

Snow fell yesterday, and the city’s snow response plan is in motion.

The city has a centralized control centre of experienced staff who monitor weather reports and road surface conditions across Richmond, and dispatch crews, equipment, and other resources before and during snowfall. The city’s works yard is home to about 39 specialized pieces of equipment and vehicles for snow response, and is stocked with 1,050 tonnes of salt onsite. An additional 2,200 tonnes of salt is also on reserve.

When a significant multi-day snowfall event happens, city public works staff switch to 24/7 coverage where crews work 12-hour shifts clearing snow and treating roads to keep frost or ice from forming.

Snow response routes
When it snows, the city’s priority is to ensure all major arterial roads are pre-treated and cleared so emergency vehicles including police, ambulance, and fire trucks, public transit, and private vehicles can travel through Richmond’s priority routes. 

First and second priority routes are pre-established and are the first to be cleared. Third priority routes consist of designated collector roads and roads of local significance. Third priority routes are salted and cleared only when first and second priority routes have been addressed. View the route map at

Stay safe in winter weather

The Resident Guide to Winter Weather includes safety and preparedness tips, and is available on the city’s website at

Shovel your sidewalk—it’s your responsibility 
Traffic Bylaw 5870 requires residential (single-family and multi-family) owners, and commercial and industrial owners and occupants to clear snow and ice from sidewalks adjacent to their properties no later than 10 a.m. every day. 

A few other reminders:

• Shovel snow onto lawns or into designated parking stalls, not the street. Shovelling snow onto the street is a hazard for vehicles and creates more work for snow plows, which slows down the clearing process. 

• Ensure accessible parking stalls on your property are clear of snow and ice.

• Keep storm drains and grates around home and business properties clear of snow and debris. Blockages can cause pooling as temperatures warm.

Heavy snowfall can create challenges for many residents. If you can, be a good neighbour and lend a hand to others in need of snow removal assistance.

Update on garbage and recycling collection

Garbage and recycling collection crews may be running behind schedule due to the winter weather conditions. Please ensure your garbage, green cart, and recycling bins are left out and are accessible for collection.

To help crews collect your garbage and recycling, please clear a small path to allow collectors to wheel carts more easily to the collection truck. This will improve safety for our crews in avoiding them having to lift heavy carts over snowdrifts, and helps make the collection process as quick as possible to avoid service delays.

More information

To learn how the City of Richmond responds to winter weather, and for other safety tips and resources, visit

Updates during snow and ice events will be posted on Twitter at, Facebook at, and Instagram at

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