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Richmond Potters Club ever-expanding

By Don Fennell

Published 12:46 PST, Wed November 20, 2019

Brenda Greczmiel will always be grateful to Mrs. Peterman.

It was Peterman, one of her teachers as a student at Matthew McNair Secondary in the 80s, who inspired her to take up ceramics. And though Greczmiel abandoned the craft for years, her interest in pottery never really left. A few years ago, it was reignited when she joined the Richmond Potters Club.

With Christmas on the horizon, Greczmiel and her colleagues at the local non-profit community group recently held one of their semi-annual sales. Among a wide range of items and designs, were a host of always-popular coffee mugs.

“I love practical gifts,” says Greczmiel.

One of the oldest human inventions, pottery dates back to the pre-Neolithic period. Made by forming clay into objects of desired shapes, the creations are then heated to high temperatures in kilns—a process that helps to strengthen the crafts.

With a goal of promoting and developing awareness in ceramic arts in Richmond, the Richmond Potters Club also organizes and provides classes. Members—whose numbers are growing exponentially—also participate in many public events such as Doors Open, Culture Days and the Maritime Festival to educate the public about the importance of art in the community.

For many years, the Richmond Potters has also generously supported the local community with donations. Last year, they gave 45 mugs to the Richmond Christmas Fund. They also shared 100 pottery pieces with Cook Elementary for the school’s annual Christmas Cottage to help raise money for Canuck Place.

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