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Happy ending to start 2020

By Lisa Parker

Published 2:05 PST, Fri January 24, 2020

Last summer, the RAPS City of Richmond Animal Shelter received a call from a Richmond resident. A cat was laying in the woman’s driveway—and hadn’t moved in two days. Now it was pouring rain and the cat was still not stirring.

Our Animal Control Officer attended, assuming she would be picking up a deceased cat. To her great surprise, the cat was alive. But she was very severely injured—she had probably been hit by a car.

Her collar said Mimo and had a phone number. Staff repeatedly tried to call, but the number was out of service. We searched all the listings for lost animals and reviewed inquiries at the shelter for missing cats, but with no luck. 

This is one of the mysteries that happens occasionally in our work. Mimo appeared to be well cared for and about four or five years old, yet no one stepped forward to claim her.

Obviously, she needed urgent medical attention. We transferred her to the RAPS Animal Hospital. And here is another mystery of our work—a happy and remarkable one: Even though Mimo was no doubt in a great deal of pain and certainly must have been scared by everything that had happened to her and all the new human faces she was meeting, she was always very sweet and affectionate, instantly purring and always wanting tummy rubs. The relationship between our species is amazing and even in times of serious crisis, it seems that so many animals understand that we strange humans are there to help and make them better.

Mimo was diagnosed with fractured left hind femur and pelvis. She required two serious surgeries and a lot of recovery time. Throughout everything she went through—she always remained sweet and affectionate and loved the attention she soaked up from everyone she met.

She’s had a few months to recover, during which time she has made great friends at the shelter. But 2020 turns out to be a really great year for Mimo ... She’s found her forever home and went to join her new family this weekend.

These stories of resilience make our work so rewarding. And it is all possible because we have the support of a community of animal-loving people. Thank you. And may you have as great a 2020 as Mimo will.

Lisa Parker is manager of the RAPS Cat Sanctuary and interim manager of the RAPS City Shelter.

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