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Richmond RCMP’s Project 529 combats bike theft

By Richmond Sentinel

Published 10:41 PDT, Tue July 9, 2024

Richmond RCMP is continuing efforts to combat bike theft with a range of initiatives, including Project 529 bike registration events and public education campaigns. As bike theft continues to be a concern for residents, these efforts are aimed at raising awareness and providing residents with effective tools to protect their bicycles.

Project 529 is a no-cost service that helps to deter bike theft and recover stolen bikes. The free registration process is simple and can be completed through a smartphone app. By registering your bike, you are making it easier for police to identify and return lost or stolen bikes to their rightful owners.

How to participate:

  • In-person registration: Attend one of our upcoming registration events at the Minoru Center for Active Living.
  • Online registration: Download the Project 529 app from the App Store or Google Play, and follow the instructions to register your bike.
  • Community policing offices: Registration assistance is currently available at the City Centre Community Policing Office (CPO3) located at 6931 Granville Avenue. Residents can also pick up a decal at our main detachment at 11411 No. 5 Road and self-register. For contact numbers and hours of operation please visit our website.

Upcoming Project 529 registration events

Richmond RCMP will be hosting two Project 529 bike registration events at the Minoru Center for Active Living. These events coincide with their Concert in the Plaza series, making it convenient for local residents to participate. Residents are also able to register e-bikes and e-scooters in the program.

Event details:

  • Dates: July 17 and Aug. 14, 2024
  • Time: 7 to 8 p.m.
  • Location: Minoru Center for Active Living, 7191 Granville Ave, Richmond, BC

Richmond’s commitment to bike theft prevention

Richmond RCMP has implemented several measures to prevent bike theft and educate the community:

  1. Public education campaigns: We regularly share tips and strategies to help residents secure their bicycles.
  2. Increased patrols: Enhanced patrols in areas with high incidences of bike theft.
  3. Community engagement: Active involvement at community events to raise awareness about bike security and crime prevention.

General tips to protect your bike

Here are some general tips to help protect your bicycle from theft:

  1. Use a high-quality lock: Invest in a sturdy U-lock or chain lock and ensure you secure both the frame and wheels to a fixed object.
  2. Park in well-lit areas: Always choose well-lit and busy areas to park your bike.
  3. Remove accessories: Take with you any easily removable parts or accessories, such as lights or bike bags.
  4. Register your bike: Participate in the Project 529 registration to help police return your bike if it is lost or stolen.

Richmond’s bike theft statistics

Richmond has seen varying trends in bike thefts over recent years. In 2021, there were 244 reported incidents, which increased to 283 in 2022. However, 2023 saw a slight decline with 253 incidents reported. As of May 25, there have been 66 reported bike thefts. Notably, 99 per cent of these reports involve bikes valued under $5,000.

Join us in making Richmond safer

We encourage all bike owners to take advantage of this free program. By registering your bike, you are helping to protect your property and contribute to making Richmond a safer community. No appointment is necessary to attend the events or our Community Policing Office, and we look forward to seeing you there.

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