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Wellness spa brings serenity to Richmond

By Angel St. George

Published 3:35 PDT, Fri May 6, 2022

If you are postponing your plans to travel abroad this year, you can still relax and rejuvenate with a day retreat at Raintree Wellness Spa.

Raintree embodies the serenity of the West Coast rainforest using natural elements and warm wood furnishings, as well as sourcing high quality, sustainable products. 

The spa might appeal to people wanting to escape their busy lifestyle and experience nurturing treatments that inspire a sense of contentment. 

Lisa McFadden, a long-time Richmond resident, purchased Raintree in 2015 after learning about the amazing experiences her neighbours and colleagues had there.

She started her career working for a medical wellness company and quickly made her way up the ranks, eventually assuming the role of president. When that company’s business structure changed, she decided to make a career change and buy Raintree.

“I’ve always been interested in self-care,” says McFadden. “Raintree wasn’t my first choice when I was looking for a spa to buy because it wasn’t a medical spa, but when I walked in I had a special feeling and I knew that it was part of the fabric of our community.”

For McFadden and her husband, being part of the Steveston community is something that enriches their lives because the people are interconnected.

“Richmond is a huge metropolis, but Steveston has a small-town feel,” says McFadden. “One of the things we love the most about living here is that everyone seems to know everyone.”

Since taking over the spa, McFadden has maintained and elevated Raintree’s high standards. She prides herself on providing the best possible staff and customer service to every guest. 

“It’s a wonderful feeling to see someone come in stressed out and leave glowing and feeling great,” says McFadden. “Being a part of that is really rewarding. We know we’re making a difference in people’s day-to-day lives.” 

The spa offers an extensive variety of high-quality products that are sourced locally and globally. For instance, Richmond company Meadowfoam created a customized scent that is exclusively used at Raintree. 

“Watching (Meadowfoam) grow has been exciting and it’s great to be a part of that,” says McFadden.

She’s excited to offer a new line called Comfort Zone that is sourced from Italy. The products range in the highest percentile of natural origin ingredients and the company offsets its carbon footprint. Aligning with environmentally conscious brands is important to McFadden.

In addition, there is a full array of services tailored towards men who want to escape the daily grind and enjoy some well-deserved spa time.

The Raintree team emphasizes the importance of living well—embracing beauty, health, wellness, fitness, mental health, and spiritual journeys. 

The spa will be launching new non-invasive medical services this year including a laser rejuvenation treatment that stimulates natural collagen production to reduce fine lines and increase volume. It is a kinder and gentler alternative to injections and surgery.

Full day packages are available for those who want a retreat experience. For instance, the Raintree retreat includes a 60-minute Aroma Soul massage, custom facial, manicure, pedicure, and a light lunch with tea and chocolates.

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