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Using an EV to power a house

By Richmond Sentinel

Published 12:51 PST, Mon November 20, 2023

On Wednesday, Nov. 15, John Roston, representing Plug-in Richmond, met with Josie Osborne, minister of energy, mines and low carbon innovation, and Kelly Greene, MLA for Richmond-Steveston, at the solar EV charging station in Garry Point Park to discuss BC Government support for EV charging and plans to use EVs to meet household electrical demand during peak periods.

They discussed what additional steps the government could take to promote the installation of charging in multi-family residential buildings (MURBs) and the installation of more level 3 public charging stations.

Looking ahead to 2025, they discussed how the government can prepare for bi-directional charging in single family residences. In particular, how to implement rate incentives and subsidize the installation of a home transfer switch that would switch from the electrical grid to an EV battery to supply a home’s electrical demand during the peak evening period and then switch back to the grid after 11 p.m. to recharge the EV battery. This could benefit the consumer financially and dramatically reduce the need to expand the grid to meet increased consumer electrical demand. It would also provide household emergency backup power in case of a power blackout.

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