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Mandatory devices limit speed for commercial trucks in B.C.

By Richmond Sentinel

Published 3:26 PDT, Wed April 3, 2024

Last Updated: 3:28 PDT, Wed April 3, 2024

Heavy commercial vehicles will soon have digital technology activated to help moderate their speeds on B.C. highways, keeping roadways safer for all travellers. 

The mandatory use of speed-limiter devices comes into effect on April 5, as announced by the province in December 2023. Heavy commercial vehicles with a gross-vehicle-weight rating of more than 11,793 kilograms that were manufactured after 1994 will be required to have the devices installed in their vehicles to operate in the province.

The devices must be programmed to a maximum speed of 105 km/h, which effectively prevents these vehicles from accelerating past that speed.

The legislative amendments made to the Motor Vehicle Act mean that any contraventions, including not being equipped with a speed limiter or not having it accurately programmed, will result in a fine, including a victim surcharge of $368.

Some vehicles are exempt from the legislation, including emergency vehicles and motorhomes, as well as in certain circumstances, such as during emergency response or if the vehicle is equipped with an electronic control module that is incapable of meeting the speed limiter requirements. Exemptions are made at the discretion of the director of Commercial Vehicle and Safety Enforcement.  

The change brings B.C. into alignment with other jurisdictions where these requirements have seen reductions in crashes. As heavy commercial vehicles regularly travel cross-country, speed limiters provide consistency for carriers and truckers who travel between B.C., Ontario and Quebec, where these requirements also exist.

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